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ESI Eurosilo goes forward on storing varying types of bulk solids

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Being a  global leader in vertical storage through the innovative Eurosilo System, ESI offers its solutions in agribulk, chemical, power and more industries to come. Coal, petcoke, FGD gypsum, fly ash, salt, sugar, potato starch, fertilizers are all can be successfully stored in Eurosilos.

One of the latest achievements of the company has been the world’s largest potato starch storage in Karup, Denmark. KMC being a leading potato starch producer owned by the potato starch farmers, it exports 90% of its production.

The automated 88.500 m3 potato starch silo in Karup is the latest of no less than five Eurosilos that were built for KMC at different production sites in the last 7 years. The huge storage capacity enables KMC to bridge the gap between seasonal production and changing market situations, it keeps the potato starch in perfect moisture free condition with wooden cladding on the concrete silo wall and certainly the vertical storage concept reduces the required ground space to about one third compared to big bag storage in multiple warehouses.

Sugar and salt storage are the other challenging cases for the company. For hygroscopic materials it is essential that moisture stays out and humidity is kept at a minimum. Fully enclosed storage, with built-in sturdy screw conveyor systems, offers the ultimate solution for materials such as salt or sugar. To design silo systems for salt that can be operated and maintained under harsh conditions was one of real challanges. Eurosilo system was supplied to K+S KALI GmbH at their  Sigmundshall plant located in Wunstorf, Germany.

If you need a safe storage with an uncomplicated reclaiming system for your products or materials, do not hesitate to contact us!

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