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Marine Clothing & Accessories

Marine Clothing & Accessories

The Mac Sailor brand, launched in 2020 by our company founder Özlem Ünal, is the only Turkish brand that ‘specifically targets water sports lovers, responds equally to the high-quality sea-wear needs of women as well as men, and is produced entirely in Turkey’.

We have chosen quality products for our brand to provide the highest level of comfort and unlimited flexibility of movement at sea. From fabric quality to sewing details, Mac Sailor guarantees high customer satisfaction.

The brand’s design, colors and details are carefully thought to give sportive and cool look whether you are on the deck or along the seashore…

Clothing brand

Marine clothing & acessories

Made in İzmir,  Türkiye

When high quality sailwears meet tempting Aegean and Mediterranean breezes

Our high quality, comfortable and stylish crew wears are just for you


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ARCHIMEDIZ Ltd was established in 2016 in İzmir, Türkiye to provide its consultancy services within Türkiye and abroad. With qualified people collaborating with us in specialized specific sectors, we provide innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

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