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Turkish soft drink market trends

Turkey is a noteworthy producer of food and beverages thanks to its suitable climate and ecological conditions for agricultural production for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Turkey is the world’s largest producer of apricots, hazelnuts, figs, cherries, sour cherries and quinces and Europe’s largest producer of apples, grapefruits, natural honey, lemons and limes, strawberries, and many more.

Country’s young population (50% out of almost 80 million is younger than 30) tends to have an increased affluence to new type of beverage products and more and more open to international flavours. Many niche markets – such as those for novel and lifestyle products, mineral water, coffee, etc. – become increasingly popular. As especially the cheaper and environment friendly alternatives of some foods like coffee, chocolate (plant based instead of coffee/cacao beans) and milk (fruit based – coconut and almond milk instead of cow or goat milk) and products using these like ice creams etc. is getting important in all over the world, it is highly believed  that Turkish market will keep its pace with that.

According to recent research examining global trends in the beverage industry, consumers are now looking for healthy, clean, environmentally friendly and innovative options. Furthermore according to OECD data, the decrease in alcohol consumption especially in Europe draws attention. Since 2000, per capita alcohol consumption has decreased from 13.1 to 9.1 liters in Denmark, from 14.2 to 11 liters in Ireland, from 11.8 to 8.6 liters in Spain and from 13.9 to 11.7 liters in France. Tendency of consumers to utilize less sugar and more natural ingredients thanks to ever increasing health awareness in general results in expectancy of getting authentic tastes from drinks that offer certain criteria all around the world. Today non-alcoholic and reduced sugar varieties of traditional spirits, cocktails and long drinks are more popular than ever.

Approximately 38% of the beverage consumption in Turkey is realized in the carbonated beverages product group. In 2020, the pandemic had an impact on the beverage industry as well and while consumption amounts decreased at different rates in both carbonated and non-carbonated beverage categories, energy drinks became the only product group that increased in the beverage category with an 8.8% volume increase. This product group, where the consumer group is mostly 18-35 years old, shows us that it will continue to grow every year with the influence of the young population in our country. Cola is still the most preferred sparkling beverage with a 65% market share in Turkey in the carbonated beverages category. In addition to substituting the content of cola, which is always under discussion, with natural ingredients, besides fruity colas such as orange cola and lemon cola, cola-flavored drinks created with different plant extracts also come to the fore.

In the mineral water market, it is now possible to see fruit mineral waters such as lemon, orange, tangerine and all of them in low-energy or calorie-free forms. Mineral water consumption has increased rapidly in our country in recent years however it is still very low compared to the consumption levels in European countries.

Trends on the food and beverage market in Turkey is expected to continiue especially with the power of the social media about healthy foods, reduced carbon footprints, naturality, environment friendly products and no additives (no chemicals) and hence pushes the producers via young people to ensure them.

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